Monday, 23 December 2013

Swoon - The Swimming Cities.

TED's 10 - upcycling / recycling 

Possibly one of the most environmentally friendly ways of transportation would be by sail boat. The ocean makes up such a vast proportion of our earth, what better way to explore it than with the wind in your sails! 

Swoon is a American street artist who constructed a raft from New York City garbage and scrap material. 'The Swimming Cities' rafts were then sailed from Slovenia to Venice with the help of a team of anarchists. The rafts are built with reused materials symbolising the freedom that comes with self reliance. The boats are an embodiment of the philosophy of reusing found materials and waste.

However these boats do run on fuel. “We’re not perfect,” Swoon says. “How much jet fuel was used to fly all of us here? But we’re not going to let being imperfect stop us. If you are too rigid in your ethics, you undo positive action.”
The boats are aimed to be floating cabinets of wonders, with the crew stopping off a collecting curiosities along the way. The boats were then docked at the Venice Biennale for the public to enjoy and explore. 

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