Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Reconsidering Design

Sustainable design is about the exploration of alternative possibilities of the products and systems of our current material culture. We need to take a fresh look on how we understand materials and products. Most products on the market today are wholly judged on their aesthetic value. Behind their attractiveness they are usually damaging to the environment and people. New design solutions need to be generated that deal with both the aesthetics and the sustainability of products.
The Droog designers are a good example of a collective that defy existing classifications of design and reconsider boundaries. Their manifesto reads, ‘Beauty and experience with minimal means, always with a twist. Not so much less is more, as less and more.’
A Droog classic is its chest of draws design. The designer, Tejo Remy, piled together found draws into a chest like pile. The piece encourages us to reconsider the idea of value, and the histories and lives of objects.  Remy gives revalue to what would usually have been disregarded. This way of thinking is integral to sustainable design. 

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