Sunday, 22 December 2013


TEDS's 10 - Upcycling / Recycling 

Another design aim of TED is to create using recycling or upcycling. Lallitara is a great example of recycling saris from India into unique products. By saving what would have been thrown into landfill, recycling these saris also means less environmental damage is created in the manufacturing stages. 

“We pay these hardworking women and men fair wages for their labor and give new life to unique fabrics that would otherwise go to waste.”
All the material is sourced from recycling communities in India and then handmade in America sweatshop free.  5 - 10 % of profits are then feed back to charitable organisations. 
The technique of upcycling means that all the products created are totally unique, which gives a bespoke and personalised feeling to the garments. 

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