Friday, 18 October 2013

Earth Dying - 'Hyun Jin Jeong'

TED's 10 - Design to Reduce Energy & Water Use

70% of industrial waste from processes such as dyeing in the clothing and textile industry are dumped in rivers and lakes untreated. Natural dying is a great solution to this excess water and chemical waste. 

Hyun Jin Jeong explored South Korea and the UK rediscovering the potential of earth and its dying qualities. The technique of dying with earth has been used for centuries. The colour palate from earth is surprisingly wide ranging, the tones changing subtly according to where the earth has been collected. The colours sourced where separated into 7 different colour groups. The soil based paint is the painted directly onto fabric. 

“I tried to develop a new dye method in response to these issues and [communicate] the value of soil as a resource.”

Through rediscovering natural materials and applying them to everyday use, Hyun Jin Jeong has a pathway for a sustainable dyeing future. 

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