Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dahea Sun - 'Rain Palette'

'Rain Palette' is a collection of garments created from naturally dyed pH sensitive material. The garments are designed to change colour according to the pH levels of rainwater. The wearers of the clothing are invited to record and upload the pH levels of the rain from their location online.

By recording the pH levels of rain, the wearer is essentially recording the quality of air around us. These garments provide individuals with an easy and visually appealing way of seeing the quality of air around them. The consumer of the product gets to interact and participate with the recording of the rain, hopefully sparking a interest in the quality of the environment around them, and how they can change it.

'Because they encourage active participation,' says Sun, 'the garments become an invaluable tool for driving public consciousness about environmental issues.'

The garments are naturally dyed using food substances such as red cabbages and blackberries. Sun initially prepared these plants and samples of rain water from across London in a dye bath to create samples of the various types of rain and air qualities.

A smartphone app has been developed alongside the garments, allowing individuals to upload their personal pH recordings and see others, creating a pH mapping system on a global scale. 

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